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Best Vegan Restaurants in Iceland

Best Vegan Restaurants in Iceland: Iceland is known for its hearty beef soups and fresh lamb. So, when you think of Iceland you probably don’t think of delicious vegan options. But you would be pleasantly surprised. As of 2020, there are approximately 7.9 million vegans in the whole world. As a result, more restaurants are becoming vegan friendly to accommodate all travellers. Iceland has many yummy vegan options. Here are some of the best vegan food options throughout the country

Vegan Restaurants in Iceland

Located in Reykjavik is a vegan favourite, Coocoo’s Nest.. Established in 2013, This restaurant prides itself on its quality of food. They make their items from scratch with mostly organic produce. The Coocoo’s Nest is a popular brunch spot in Reykjavik as well. Offering fun brunch cocktails. Indulge in their delicious Vegan Surprise on their brunch menu. Their dinner menu includes a chef special Vegan Pizza. It doesn’t matter what time of day you visit, they have vegan options all over their menu. One of the best vegan restaurants in Iceland.

vegan iceland

Hradlestin is an Indian restaurant that has four locations in Iceland. Their spices are directly imported from India and then blended by their own chefs. Their ingredients are high quality and have no added sugar or preservatives. This family owned restaurant was established in 2003 and has expanded since. They have three locations in Reykjavik and one in Kópavogur.

Their menu has something for everyone. Their Vegan Thali is a chef selection of three vegan dishes, rice and coriander chutney. Other Vegan dishes include Narial Ka Subzi which is broccoli, red paprika and zucchini dressed in a coconut sauce. They even have a midweek special called Vegan Wednesdays. Where they offer their vegan Thali at a special price. If you are looking for authentic vegan Indian food then add this family-owned gem to your foodie list.

For Indian is this one of the best vegan restaurants in Iceland.

vegan iceland restaurant

The Soup Company - Vik

Located next to the stunning black sand beaches of Vik is a Vegan favourite, The Soup Company. A restaurant that is crazy about its soups and constantly brings new recipes to the table. If you like soup then this place is without doubt one of the best vegan restaurants in Iceland!

This small family-owned restaurant grew up together cooking different soups and enjoying them on rainy days. They make it a point to always have at least one vegan soup on their menu. Their Vegan soup of the day rotates flavors and comes with vegan bread upon request. They are also infamous for their creative cocktail menu. A must visit location, especially on those rainy and cold Iceland days.

Loving Hut - Reykjavik

Loving Hut is an international vegan restaurant that has two locations in Reykjavik. There are over two hundred locations across the world in the major cities. They have high quality and pure vegan food offered on their menu.

All of their dishes are made with plant-based ingredients and are different per location. Providing an extensive soup menu including Vietnamese Pho and Creamy Butternut Soup. Their delicious dessert menu has vegan ice cream and Tiramisu. Vegan wine and beer are also available at this unique spot. There is no need to search their menu for vegan options, everything here is vegan friendly. Making it a must-visit spot for all vegans visiting Reykjavik.

Vegan Iceland

Dalakofinn - Laugar

Dalakofinn was built in 1962 in Laugar, Iceland. A family-owned grocery store and restaurant. A fun place to grab dinner and get your grocery shopping done in the same trip. They even have a campground on their property for those looking for overnight accommodations in Northern Iceland.

They have many vegan-friendly items on their menu. A 130g vegan patty topped with lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber and vegan sauce. Vegetable Pizza with mushrooms, bell pepper, sun dried tomatoes and oregano is a yummy go to. You can make it vegan by requesting it without the cheese. Enjoy your dinner and then head over to the grocery store for some fresh produce.

vegan iceland

Vegan World Peace - Reykjavik

If Asian food is on your list then visit Vegan World Peace. One of the newer vegan restaurants in Iceland located in Reykjavik. Their dishes are made from Asian seasonal ingredients. They are known for their authentic Asian dishes that they have “veganized”. Grilled vegan fish, tom yum goong and japchae Korean noodles are just some of their dishes. Delicious desserts include baked apple tort and panna cotta. If you are seeking an authentic Asian dish that is catered to vegans, then Vegan World Peace is for you.

vegan world peace iceland

Orange Streetfood - Reykjanesbaer

A cozy restaurant in Reykjanesbaer, Iceland is Orange Streetfood. Offering burgers, sandwiches and more. They can make most items on their menu vegan. They are home to one of the best vegan burgers in the area. A vegan burger patty topped with iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato, oil fried mushrooms, onions and chilli mayo. Their BBQ Pulled oumph sandwich is a delicious item that can be made vegan as well. If you find yourself in southwest Iceland then stop by this flavorful restaurant and grab a delicious meal.

best vegan restaurants iceland

Grocery Store Options

If you are road-tripping through Iceland and staying at a place where you can cook, try the No Bull Vegan Iceland products. They range from No Bull Tofu Burgers to No Bull Meatballs. They also have No Cheese Italian Garden Pizza or No Cheese Hummus Pizza. Also pick up their dessert option, the No-Moo Chocolate Melt. A chocolate lava cake that is rich and spongy. The chain has forty-five items and can be found in most Iceland Grocery Stores.

Iceland is Vegan Friendly!

Iceland has tons of vegan options located throughout the country. Try their vegan burgers or vegan pizza, if you are looking for more American food options. Get adventurous with authentic Indian and Asian dishes. Warm up with a hot bowl of Vegan soup. Whatever your preference, you will not be bored in trying all of the fun and delicious restaurants. Iceland is a very vegan friendly country and the meat & fish only dish stereotype is certainly broken.