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Glymur hiking in Iceland

Glymur, in the Botsná River, is the highest waterfall in Iceland. The waterfall is about 198 meters high.

The Botnsá runs from Lake Hvalvatn and flows from a height of 300 meters into a short but steep gorge into the Botnsdalur valley. Lake Hvalvatn, with a depth of 160 meters, is the second deepest lake in Iceland.

Several marked trails lead to the viewpoints Stedjasnös and Hellupallur from where you can admire the waterfall as it plunges into the Glymsgljúfur gorge.

If you want a better view of the Glymur and the gorge you can walk further up the gorge. It is not possible to see the whole waterfall but you will get a better view of the gorge as a whole. From here you can walk back the same way or walk further and after about 300 meters cross the river and walk back along the west side of the gorge.

Glymur Hiking

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