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Whales of Iceland


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Whales of Iceland is largest whale exhibition in Europe, located in Reykjavík’s harbour area. The exhibition features life-size models of 23 whale species that have been seen in Icelandic waters, as well as man-made skeletons of select whales. There is no better way to learn about whales than seeing these giants up close in full-size. You will leave with a new perspective and appreciation for these interesting and beautiful animals. Whales of Iceland is an innovative exhibition that features an interactive minke whale and information stands that will enhance the experience and educate visitors about each whale on display. Whales of Iceland hopes to educate and share a unique perspective of whales that can be combined with a journey to see them in their natural environment. The team behind the Whales of Iceland Exhibition has the utmost respect for whales and their habitat and believes that by informing guests, this respect will grow and be shared both in Iceland and abroad.