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Viking Horses


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Viking Horses is a family-run company offering unique horse riding adventures in small and private groups. Mountains, beautiful green nature and the spectacular volcanic landscape of Rauðhólar surround our stables just 15 minutes from Reykjavik. Enjoy a warm, personal and professional service, well trained, happy horses and high-quality riding equipment – for an unforgettable horse riding experience in Iceland!

How are we different? We enjoy travelling and horse riding in smaller groups. We think it´s more personal and more fun – you spend less time to wait for a big group and more time enjoying the Icelandic horse and the unspoiled Icelandic nature. In our opinion, the optimal group size is between 2-10 people. Our horses mean everything to us and we are very proud of our four-legged team. They are well trained and cared for, easy to ride and with good “Tölt” so you can enjoy the Icelandic way of riding to the fullest. We provide you with high-quality riding equipment and personal service. After every ride, we invite you for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and snack in our stables. We speak English, German, French, Icelandic and Swedish.