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Tokyo Sushi Glæsibæ


1.0/51 Reviews

Tokyo Sushi Glæsibæ

Japanese, Sushi, Asian

In Glæsibæ is a Tokyo sushi restaurant with 45 comfortable seats. In the restaurant, fresh sushi is constantly being made, just like the other Tokyo sushi locations. The priceing on our sushi dishes is the same for all locations. In Glæsibæ all of our sushi selection is available, hot dishes and sushi a-la-carte – “by your head”.

1 Review for Tokyo Sushi Glæsibæ

Dangerous executive Chef

Dear CEO of Tokyo Sushi Iceland From my heart, after I saw your Executive head Chef post the rude and no respect vdo to old lady and become viral all over on tictok it’s make me not feel safe to go to your restaurant at all. He yell and means to her and discrimination to her and her friends very disrespectful, I can’t believe that happened in Iceland. Oh and by the way he treated to kill her if he see her in your restaur

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