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Thorvaldsens Bazar


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The Thorvaldsens Association was founded in 1875 by a group of women in Reykjavik with the aim of giving back to the community. Thorvaldsen’s first bazaar was held 4th to 5th. November 1876, selling hand-crafted items and other purchased items. Subsequently, bazaars were regularly held where women brought hand-made products, mainly knitted, and gave the profits to various issues where funding was needed, but especially to the Children’s Fund after its establishment in 1906. In June 1901 the Thorvaldsens Bazar formally opened in its final housing at Austurstræti 4 and has been run by the women there ever since. From the beginning, Thorvaldsen’s women have been volunteering at the bazar and giving their unselfish work for good causes, many of them knitt products that are for sale as well.