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Te & Kaffi


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Te & Kaffi

Te & Kaffi is a family business that was founded in 1984 and is a leader in the Icelandic coffee market. Coffee production plays the most important part in the company’s operations, as well as the operation of nine cafés in the capital area.

Today, around 100 people work for the company in various and fun projects. In order for the day-to-day operation of numerous cafés and sales in different markets to go as smoothly as possible, good organization and excellent staff are needed at all establishments. Coffee production plays the most important part of the company’s operations. With the increased awareness of consumers about high-quality coffee, Te & Kaffi’s opportunities have increased significantly in recent years. Strict quality control throughout the coffee bean processing process ensures quality that coffee lovers in Iceland can trust. The choice of the right ingredients is crucial and the coffee is tasted by our experienced coffee experts to ensure quality and good taste. With new roasting technology, the quality of our coffee increases even further. At our cafes, which are all over the capital area, we have complete control over how our ingredients taste in all the flora of drinks on offer. The cafés are a center of ideas and innovation with coffee and tea and are a constant source of new drinks, which are well received by our ever-growing group of customers.