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Sunna Guesthouse

Great Location, Service and Stay.

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Sunna Guesthouse

A popular guesthouse centrally located in the old city center since 1995, only a few steps away from bus stop number 8 for airport transport and day tours, as well as right across the street from Hallgrímskirkja and the beautiful sculpture garden of The National Einar Jónsson Gallery.

Sunna is conveniently located downtown, only a few minutes walk from the main attractions and busy streets filled with popular cafés and restaurants, a good variety of shops, museums, art galleries, cultural activities and events.

The guesthouse features over 50 well-appointed rooms, including apartments, with many offering views towards Hallgrímskirkja.

Our staff at Sunna are very friendly, attentive and efficient and will be more than pleased to help you make your stay even more enjoyable.