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Reykjavik Art Museum Hafnarhus


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The old harbour warehouse, Hafnarhus, offers a progressive exhibition program with local and international contemporary artists. The works of key figures, as well as established and emerging current artists are presented in six galleries. Hafnarhus is also home to the works of Erro (b. 1932), a significant player in the international pop art scene. In 1989 Erro gave the City of Reykjavik a large collection of his works, a total of about 2,000 items, including paintings, watercolours, graphic art, sculptures, collages and other works spanning the artist’s entire career from his youth. Hafnarhus is located in the oldest part of Reykjavik, where the town’s boats and first docks lay. The building was erected in the 1930s and at the time it was one of the largest buildings in the country. The house was renovated by Studio Grandi architects in 1998-2000 to house Reykjavik Art Museum. Hafnarhus Kitchen is temporarily closed. Meanwhile we offer free coffee for visitors!