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Reykjanes Tours


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Reykjanes Tours is a family-run tour company that provides guided tours all around the SouthWest corner of Iceland in small groups and private tours. Our goal is to have fun while providing educational tours. We have years of experience guiding people around Iceland and have over 100+ great reviews to proof that we care about your experience. We offer two kind of tours, small group tours sold per person and private tours. The small group tours are sold per person and are only 2-8 people on each tour. The private tours are for those who want to experience Iceland privately and have the guide all to themself. Here you can see all our tours. We also assist in planning your journey to Iceland. Hotel bookings and booking tours with other companies or even just transportation. Feel free to contact us before coming to Iceland and we will do the planning for you. You can contact us via email, phone, facebook or whatsapp. We look forward to hear from you! Best Regards, Bjarni