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Restaurant Reykjavik


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Restaurant Reykjavik

Restaurant Reykjavik is located in the heart of Reykjavík. Restaurant Reykjavík is famous for it`s fresh Seafood Buffet, and beautiful historical house. The house, which was built in 1870 and has had many uses through the years. Now one of the biggest and finest restaurants in Iceland.

Seafood, Scandinavian

This beautiful building has a long and colorful story. Since the 19th century it has been a big part of Reykjavík’s history.In 1863 a man named C. P. A Koch was granted a permission to build the house with a pier in front, on the condition that a passageway through the house would be open to those who needed it. The building only had one floor, and was used as a warehouse and an office for the sea post.It was called the Pier House.Because of its location the house became the unofficial gateway to the city, and a bustling scene of fishermen, traders and travelers. You could say that it became the unofficial gateway to Reykjavík city, since travelers arriving from other parts of the country and abroad all had to go through the Pier House.Every time a ship arrived to the pier it filled with people waiting to hear news from their loved ones abroad.

The year 1888 the Council of Reykjavík decided to give numbers to all houses in the city. As the central point of the old town centre, the Pier House was given the first number: Vesturgata 2 (West Street 2). When standing outside the building, in all directions you look at the number of houses will ascend. So the house is literally the exact centre of Reykjavík.

Over the years its role has alternated between warehouse and shop, offices, nightclub, café and more.Today it is one of the biggest restaurants in Reykjavík.