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We operate Day and Multi-Day tours around Iceland. The maximum size of each group is 19 guests, which we believe helps to deliver more personal and enjoyable experience. Another very big factor is our TEAM NICE, a great group of experienced guides and customer support staff that are always ready to help our customers before, during and after the tour. Discovering and enjoying a new country with a good guide that can inform about the history, nature and other aspects of life in Iceland, really does make a huge difference when travelling. Our tour buses are all Mercedes Sprinter minibuses of the highest quality, offering seating comfort, USB chargers at every seat and free Wi-Fi. All our services are of course fully licenced and approved by the appropriate Icelandic authorities. As you can see from the above, BEING NICE is our motto and goal. When visiting our fair country, you will hopefully also discover that ICELAND is in fact a very NICELAND!