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Lemon Akureyri


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Lemon Akureyri

Healthy option
Lemon is the place for those who are looking after their health and want healthy and good nutrition that makes their taste buds dance. Sandwiches and juices have been our customers favourites, but you can also get tortillas, salads, breakfast, energy shots and coffee from us.

Lemon offers fresh and juicy food prepared on site from the best possible ingredients at any given time. It is our mantra at Lemon and we never deviate from it.

We love the earth
We have replaced plastic bottles, lids, tubes and cutlery with the environmentally friendly material PLA (polyactic acid) which decomposes in nature. That material is made from corn starch and is just like plastic in appearance. Our bottles can therefore be disposed of with organic waste and decomposed in nature.


Cafe, International, Healthy