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Kvosin Downtown Hotel


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Kvosin Downtown Hotel

Kvosin Hotel is a small boutique hotel located in the historic Kirkjuhvoll building right in the heart of Reykjavik. Built in 1900 and refurbished in 2013, the hotel provides modern travelers with luxurious boutique accommodation. Among our neighbors are the Icelandic Parliament and the old cathedral, which ensures our guests truly become immersed in the history of Reykjavik.

Kirkjuhvoll, the building that houses the hotel, was constructed in 1901. Throughout the years, it has been a home to residents, businesses and now, travelers from all over the world.

It was one of the first multi-family apartment buildings in Reykjavik, and the very first to have central heating. Since its early days, Kirkjuhvoll has also been home to a variety of businesses including restaurants, travel agencies, doctors’ clinics, and even a reading lounge of the People’s Reading Club of Reykjavik, to name a few.

During the renovation in 2013, special care was taken to preserve the building’s rich history by maintaining elements of the original, old style – such as the beautiful exterior – while putting a modern twist on it. Come get a feel for the past, while enjoying the modern comfort of a unique boutique hotel at Kvosin, your home away from home.