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The Harbour

The fresh and energetic atmosphere of the old harbour is part of the experience when you dine at Kopar. You can enjoy the view of the Esja mountain, a symbol of Reykjavik, while you watch the ships come into the harbour after a day at sea.

The Bar

Surprise and seductive are the keywords at the bar. Traditional cocktails meet new waves of the cocktail world. You can enjoy a pre-drink on our terrace by the harbor or sit outside after dinner with coffee and cognac. We have a cozy bar lounge with a swing where you can enjoy your drinks inside as well. The pride of the bar is the Icelandic fisherman’s Collection, a wall with an incredible selection of cognac and whiskey.

The Food

At Kopar we choose local products, both from land and sea to create an adventurous menu! Traditional and old methods and recipes meet modern and new ingredients, giving dishes a surprising twist. For exemple, Kopar was the first restaurant in Iceland to serve Icelandic rockcrab.