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Kol Restaurant


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Kol Restaurant

The Restaurant is situated at Skolavordustigur 40 in Reykjavik. The design concept is a mixture of warm modern Icelandic feel with international touch wherein furniture of designer Tom Dixon play the main role. The restaurants is on two floors with an open kitchen and a wieldy bar. The restaurant is divided into spaces with cozy leather couches and has a variety of different table settings. The cuisine is feel good comfort food with a twist on classic cuisine. The menu offers a variety of starters, salads, fish, steaks and desserts. The head chef, Sævar Lárusson is a young ambitious chef who has gathered years of experience at Reykjavík‘s best restaurants, working along side many of the country’s

Seafood, Scandinavian, International

The Kol restaurant opened in February 2014 and has received tremendous reception from day one.

Kol is backed with experienced men in the restaurant business. The kitchen at Kol is managed by Sævar Lárusson. He has worked in many of the country’s most popular and beautiful restaurants. Gunnar Rafn Heiðarsson, the bar and floor manager of Kol, has been the director of restaurants in many of the finer places in Reykjavik.

In Kol’s kitchen we do not commit to any single cooking policy. We seek inspiration from all over the world and focus on cooking the highest quality ingredients in the most satisfying way.

The menu shows a variety of grasses, the options there is a good selection of varied starters from various disciplines . In the main course selction, the various steaks are charcoal grilled in a charcoal oven and a variety of fish dishes are also offered and the desserts cannot be forgotten.