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Icerental 4×4


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Iceland 4×4 Camper Rental

About us

Icerental4x4 is a local car rental company in Iceland. We specialize in 4×4 vehicles and rooftop tent cars. Here you can read our story at Icerental4x4.

About Icerental 4×4

Icerental 4×4 is an innovative car rental company in Iceland, specializing in 4×4 vehicles. Founded in 2013, our family-owned business began with only 10 vehicles. Since then Icerental 4×4 has grown a lot, with a big rental office near the Keflavik International Airport where we offer a wide range of vehicles in all sizes and model years. Our passion is 4×4 and our fleet is based on quality 4×4 vehicles—but we also provide vans and smaller vehicles to fulfill all your transportation needs while visiting Iceland.

Icerental 4x4

In 2014 we started with our Camper Jeep, offering Jeeps to camp in while exploring the highlands.

This idea evolved into Roof Tent campers, and in 2017 we introduced our Roof Tent vehicles in a wide variety of sizes. This is the perfect way to explore Iceland during the summertime—our 4×4 Roof Tent vehicles give you the freedom to see the highlands and Iceland’s untouched nature.

We at Icerental 4×4 are committed to offering the best quality 4×4 vehicles at reasonable rates, and we believe in personal service based on building relationships with each of our customers.

The family at Icerental 4×4 has grown since 2013—today we employ over 30 people in Iceland. We are one big family where diversity is the key to our structure. Today the Icerental 4×4 family comes from 5 different countries.

Our values at Icerental 4×4 are Positivity, Respect, Equality, and Team Spirit.