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Hotel Viking


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Hotel Viking

Hotel Viking has 42 well furnished and luxurious rooms including shower, WC and television. The décor of the rooms on the first floor is Viking style and on the second floor it is a West Nordic theme. When you enter the Hotel, you are greeted with fine art and crafts from these three countries, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. We have access to wireless Internet and free parking just outside the hotel. In our geothermal hot tub you can recuperate and freshen up and relax after a long day of excitement.

Dear guest

We welcome you to Hotel Viking and hope you will have a pleasant stay. Here you will find all information about the hotel and the service that we provide and also what services are available in the vicinity.

Our goal is satisfied customers. Your comments are important to us, so if you have remarks regarding our service or facilities we happily accept your input. We are constantly trying to improve both our service and facilities and our guests play an important part in doing so.

The Viking Village is a unique place and it is the only Viking theme Hotel and restaurant in Iceland. We have step by step been developing our facilities over the last 29 years and will hopefully continue to do so in the future. We are very proud of our little Hotel and we hope that you have a pleasant stay here with us.