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Hop on board on the ferry Herjólf and see the amazing Vestmannaeyjar (Westman islands). Sail around the magnificent caves, jump around the rocks, play golf, bird watch for puffins and sightseeing what the Westman islands have to offer. The harbor for Herjólfur is located at Landeyjarhöfn which is about two hours from Reykjavík. If you bring your own car there are plenty of parking spaces at the harbor and you may choose to take your car with you to the islands aboard the ferry. Several bus companies offer guided round trips to the islands during the summers. The Ferry ride only takes about 40 minutes and you must be at the harbor 30 minutes prior to departure. Enjoy the scenery and fresh ocean breeze outdoors where there are plenty of benches or use our facilities indoors. On board there is a cafeteria with sandwiches, sweets and drinks for sale, lounge which has seating for 130 persons and an entertainment room with seating for 80 persons. Of course there is a separate facility for the little ones with toys.