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Galdrahestar Riding Tours


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Finnsstaðir Horse Ranch boasts quality horses who tölt (https://youtu.be/RV9P0w8vZi8) on demand. Whether or not you are an experienced rider, we have the right horse for you.

We ride out in small groups and choose a trail depending on the mood and the weather.

All emphasis is put on the safe and pleasant experience of both humans and animals.

You can choose between a one or two hour tour.

Every day at 10:00 am and 15:00 am.

The Giddy Up Tour:

1 hour

9500kr per person.

The Trotter Tour:

2 hours

17.000kr per person.

Sigurður Hlíðar Jakobsson and Helga Guðrún Sturlaugsdóttir, usually Helga and Siggi, are the farmers and your hosts at Finnsstaðir.

Helga is a pharmacy technician by trade, but a host and a horseman by passion. Siggi is a mechanic and a jack-of-all-trades. He speaks Icelandic and Horse interchangeably but is more about translating words into action.

When you drive down to the farmyard, you will most likely be greeted with the warm and cheerful hostess. That would be Helga, all prepared to accommodate your wants and needs.