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CampEasy is a family-run camper van rental in Iceland. We aim to offer a wide range of complementing products, experiences, and digital solutions for the camper way of travel. We are a customer-driven tourism company that currently has the most 5-star reviews of any similar company in Iceland, along with the highest rating on most platforms.

We are experts at building campers and have designed and constructed campers for many camper rentals in Iceland. When we take a step forward in camper design, others tend to copy. We put a significant focus on comfortable beds and roomy living areas. We also select feature-rich models from Volkswagen in Iceland, with multiple adaptations from the manufacturer, focused on providing the framework for a high-quality custom-built camper van.

We are international and speak Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Danish, and English. Read on to learn more about us.

2 Reviews for CampEasy

kingssummers49 1 Reviews
Great customer service, brilliant camper, amazing experience

In short these guys are incredible! You will not got wrong if you travel with Camp Easy in Iceland. I have to say Iris and Alisia are brilliant. We hired a Viking, what a brilliant and capable vehicle this is. It took everything Iceland could throw at it and more. When we got stuck in the snow it got us out, when we sunk in the sand it got us out, when the temperature dropped to -9c it kept us warm and when the wind hit 80kph it kept us on the road. We did route 1 (the Iceland ring road) over 11 days. It was an amazing trip made so comfortable by the viking. There isn’t a bad point to say about it. It comes with everything you will need. The tablet they supply is perfect, it had signal 99% of the time and did everything we needed it to. If you are going to travel around Iceland do it with these guys!

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admin 2 Reviews
Great camper

We had a great time with the Clever 4×4 2019

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