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Aurora Reykjavik


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The Aurora Reykjavik is a new educational, recreational and interactive attraction which uses the latest advances in multimedia technology to bring the Northern Lights to life. The centre’s focal point is the experience room which uses a large HD projection to immerse visitors in the Aurora Borealis’ majestic green glow. The display is 7 meters wide, it is only a short time-lapse video that goes on a loop with relaxing music under it, some people like to sit there for many rounds. You can also read about some old tales, what people thought of the Northern Lights in the old days. These stories are from different countries where you can see the Northern Lights. We do explain the science behind this phenomena, both with a short video and some readings. You can also play with few touch screens, where you can see how the colors of the Northern Lights changes depending on the height of them. You can learn how to adjust your camera to take a photo of the Northern Lights and try out your camera on the Northern Lights photo simulator. We have two screens where you can see two different Northern Lights forecasts. There is also a beautiful souvenir store at the end where you can find handmade Icelandic Northern Lights items, you can also enter there without paying for the entrance to the exhibition. Aurora Reykjavik is a new feature in Reykjavik’s blossoming tourism, it is owned by highly motivated young people who are working hard on making it a feature not to miss. When you come and visit please give your self few minutes to fill out the visitor survey and contribute to our mission.